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12 Reasons to call an electrician

There are many reasons you may want to call an electrician out to your home or business. Some of the main reasons would be:

1) Lights dimming or flickering

2) Hot smells near outlets, or your electrical panel

3) Buzzing or humming sounds coming from your electrical panel/breakers or equipment that is plugged in

4) Loose outlet connections. If you plug something in and it feels like it wants to fall out, or if the outlet moves around when you try to plug something in.

5) Need to add a light or outlet

6) Breaker trips more than once

7) Need to repair or install a whole house fan (attic fan)

8) Need to run data lines or cable line around your home

9) Wanting to add a car charger outlet to charge your electric car

10) Wanting to add can lights or ceiling fans

11) Want to add smart switches or dimmer switches

12) Looking for more ideas on your next remodel. Budget vs Dream List

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