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Generator Season

It's the time of year when we install a lot of standby generators, and you can now save 10% on the install. These generators start up automatically when the power goes out and runs most of your house without you needing to worry about power issues. There is less than a 1-minute window of power loss with a well-functioning generator. They are Natural (or propane) powered and only need to have an oil change for every 40 hours of run time.

We have been installing these types of generators for over 23 years, and have proven to be the best back up power system out there. We offer a yearly maintenance program that includes: oil change, oil filter change, spark plug change, and a checkup of the overall system and hoses. If you are interested in getting more information and pricing for a project like this please give us a call or text at 913-238-9899, or reach us at email address.

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