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Space Heaters are Big Problems.

We get it. It's winter, there's a cold draft in your home. So you decide to get a space heater to help your comfort level. You purchase a space heater, plug it in and you instantly have eliminated your cold draft issue. Unfortunately, you have just created an electrical hazard. The general outlets around your house are not designed to hold up to a power load the size of a space heater for long periods of time. (1200-1800Watts). If you only used it for an hour or two every day, that would be one thing. BUT, if you are like most people, you turn it on and let it run for hours. We do hundreds of electrical repairs every winter due to space heaters. Here is a short list of what they can do:

1) Cause loose connections to fail

2) Cause breakers to overheat

3) Heat up receptacles causing them to fail or melt

4) Cause fires

5) Overload circuits and cause tripping nuisances.

There are plenty of other, safer, options to choose from if you have cold drafts in your home. For example, you can have your windows and doors sealed and insulated better. You could have us install an inwall heater in your wall. It's like a space heater, but it gets a dedicated circuit that is designed to take the load of the appliance. However, if you really just want a space heater, we highly recommend that you have us add a dedicated 20Amp 120Volt circuit to the room, that you would use to plug your space heater into. This dedicated circuit can withstand the continuous use of a space heater much better than the general outlets you have around the house, making your home a lot safer. Estimates are free, so give us a call or text at 913-238-9899 today!

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