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Surge Protectors

Living in the Midwest tends to see a number of storms. From ice storms causing power surges to black outs, and lightning storms that causes large surges and power outages. Having a surge protector installed will protect your home and appliances from these dangerous surges. Most surge protectors are damaged beyond repair once they have protected your home once, which means you have a big expensive bill to get it replaced.

The Surge Protectors that we install have cartridges that can be replaced once an event happens. Not only does this save our clients money, but they can be assured their appliances are protected quickly are a negative event occurs.

The surge protector comes with a $50,000 connected equipment warranty for 10 years on appliances and electronics.

If you have any questions on our surge protector, please let us know.

913-238-9899 Text or Call.

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