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The latest trend we've seen since COVID hit.

How COVID turned electrical work into hot tub installs.

Before March 2020 it was business as usual in the electrical world. We were installing ceiling fans, doing remodels, and new homes. We even had a large commercial electrical project running. Then COVID hit, and people started needing us to install Hot Tubs. Installing hot tubs??? you ask. Yes, Hot Tubs.

“Installing hot tubs???”

For reasons I'm not quite sure of, people went hot tub crazy. It depleted the supply chain to the point that even now in December 2020 it is still hard to find electrical disconnects, breakers, and even some PVC conduit. Clients are telling us that it won't be until Feb, or March until they might receive their hot tub.

We can help you with your hot tub.

What a lot of people don't realize, is that when installing a hot tub there are a number of electrical codes that go into keeping you and your family safe. From sizing the correct circuit and wiring, to making sure the disconnect is a safe distance from the hot tub, but yet easily accessible incase of an emergency. The first thing you should always do if there is an emergency of any kind, is to shut off the power to the hot tub. Hence the reason for making sure you have properly placed the "ugly" grey box somewhere you can find it quickly. A lot of times our clients want to hide it behind a bush or somewhere you can't see it. But that is the worst thing you could do for equipment like this.

We work with a number of landscape, hardscape, and General Contractor's to install the electrical for hot tubs. Even with these professionals helping you get the back yard of your dreams, there always seems to be something that gets over looked on the electrical side of the installs. So we highly recommend calling us before you start the project to make sure there isn't a better, safer, and more economical way to install your electrical connections.

Be safe out there, and enjoy your new hot tub!

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