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United States Electric Grid Division

Why the rolling black outs? How is the grid divided? Here is a map of how the electric grid for the North American Continent is divided up. The rolling black outs are helping the power company keep the large usage under control. The USA is divided into 3 sections thanks to the Federal Power Act of 1935 signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. This allowed the federal government to regulate states who brought power in from outside their state lines. I have always found it interesting that Texas does it's own thing. They have never been a fan of federal intrusion, so they setup their own power grid. Which is currently failing them very badly right now.

Thankfully our grid system is doing rolling black outs and not "brown outs" which can be very damaging to your equipment and electronics. (Ex: Motors, microwave, refrigerators, computers, TV's, etc).

Once your power is restored, if you notice any issues, notate time of day and which equipment that has been affected. If you need any assistance with any electrical issues, gives us a call or text! 913-238-9899

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