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USB Outlets

USB outlets are the latest technology that are really starting to catch on, and as always there are good brands, and not so good brands out there. Knowing which ones offer which features is key to helping our clients get the best quality for the best price. All of these outlets look the same, but once you dig down into the specifications and see what is really happening inside that pretty white casing you quickly learn what the differences are. The key difference being the USB port amperage. Most people don't realize that iPads require the most power draw, and require higher amp ratings that what the standard USB outlet offers. If you walk into any big box store you can find USB outlets fairly inexpensive, but most of them only

offer 2.0 Amps or 2.5, or 2.8. If you are willing to spend a little bit more you might find 3.0Amp. Legrand is the brand we typically install, and the reason is that they offer a 3.1Amp version. This gives you a faster charge, it can charge 2 iPads at once, and honestly, they are a much better quality outlet compared to their competitors. We have fewer call backs with P&S brand then we do with any other brand.

We are always looking for high quality products for a reasonable price, and we are always researching why something might be better. This is why we can offer higher quality services for a competitive price.

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